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Pics from previous years:

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A selection of participants from previous bookfairs:

Aboveground Zine Library: A collection of zines, chapbooks, newsletters, newspapers, pamphlets, from around the world.

ACLU of Louisiana: Works to protect fundamental rights such as freedom of speech, association and assembly, freedom of religion, including the strict separation of church and state, and freedom of the press.

AK Press: Making available radical books and other materials, titles that are published by independent presses, not the corporate giants, titles with which you can make a positive change in the world.

Anarchy Magazine: National magazine of anarchist news and theory.

Antigravity Magazine: Indie New Orleans music and culture magazine.

Ashe Cultural Arts Center: Organization working to revive New Orleans culture and community through arts activities.

Authorviews: Producers of 2-minute author videos that give viewers an insightful look into not only the book, but also the personality of its author.

The Beatitudes Network: Organization dedicated to rebuilding the public libraries of New Orleans.

Black Rain Press: Self-published books by Michael Steinberg.

Bloomington Book Arts Collective/Josh Johnson: Collective of bookbinders and book artists from Bloomington, IN.

Bluecamp Arts: Publishers of Kooking with Katrina, the "musical swamp tale" Monsterboy and the Boocoo Man.

Books 2 Prisoners: 100% not-for-profit effort to correspond with Louisiana inmates and to send reading materials free of cost.

Bottletree Productions: New Orleans and New York based independent media production company.

Chin Music Press: Seattle/Tokyo based independent publishers of fine books and media such as, Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?

Chris Matherne: Self-published author of the fantasy and adventure book Shaping of a Destiny.

Civic Media Center: One of the few alternative libraries in the U.S., carrying over ten-thousand books, journals, 'zines, videotapes, audio tapes, and newspapers by independent, non-corporate press on a wide variety of subjects.

Coleen Murphy: Zines and calendars related to progressive parenting.

Contemporary Press: "Fuck literature." Publishers of modern cult classics.

Constance: Collection of New Orleans based, cutting edge artists, designers, and writers.

Cornerstone Book Publishers: Independent publisher from Lafayette, LA.

Corner Store Press: Chapbooks by New Orleans writer, Andrea Boll.

Counterpoise Magazine: A journal that describes, criticizes, defends, and promotes alternative press publications and products.

Deep South Samizdat Books: Used books relating to leftist, anarchist, and radical history and literature.

D.T. Pollard: Self-published author of Rooftop Diva: A Novel of Triumph After Katrina.

Faubourg Marigny Books: New Orleans gay and lesbian bookstore with a good selection of local titles.

Fiction Collective II: An author-run, not-for-profit publisher of artistically adventurous, non-traditional fiction.

Fitzgerald Letterpress: Letterpress printed books, pamphlets, and posters from New Orleans.

Fourth World Movement: A non-profit that works alongside people living in extreme poverty in the USA and throughout the world.

Garrett County Press: New Orleans expatriate press. Publishers of temp slaves, guinea pigs, t-shirt makers and service workers.

Get Lost Books: Travel books, maps, and gear from San Francisco.

Green Anarchy: Radical anti-civilization anarchist magazine produced by an anarchist collective in Oregon.

Heather Weathers: New Orleans performance artist, sculptor, painter, and designer.

The Historic New Orleans Collection: Books on New Orleans history and culture.

Hot Iron Press: Custom letterpress and silkscreen printers and distributors of various printed paraphernalia and art novelties.

Incite!: Women of color against violence.

Iron Rail Book Collective: New Orleans anarchist collective and infoshop offering books, zines, records, etc.

Last Gasp: Anarchy to fetish fashions, horticulture to occultism, beatnik literature to erotic manga, avant garde graphics to artistic terrorism, and incomprehensible works of Continental philosophy to funny comic books.

Les Moutons Roses: Recycled blank books.

Longing For Collapse Press: Radical zines, books, and t-shirts from New Jersey.

Margaret Media: A gateway to Louisiana's colorful history with books on Creoles, their culture, language and CDs of their music, women's history, Mississippi River lore. Articles on Mexican-Louisiana Creoles, and Katrina hurricane and flood survival.

Meena Magazine: Bilingual Arabic/English literary magazine.

MIT Press: University Press committed to the edges and frontiers of the world by publishing books in fields as diverse as architecture, social theory, economics, cognitive science, and computational science.

Morcosmedia: Publisher of The Tale of Nada Nutria.

Multiple Streams of Stress: Books and Audio Books from Mandeville, LA.

Neighborhood Story Project: A community documentary program in New Orleans that teaches high school students how to write books about their neighborhoods with creative non-fiction, photography, and in-depth interviews.

New Mouth From the Dirty South: Publishers of Tales of a Punk Rock Nothing.

New Orleans Review: International journal of contemporary poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, photography, film, and book reviews, from Loyola University in New Orleans.

NO/AIDS Taskforce: Aprtnership to fight HIV and AIDS with prevention, understanding, and care.

NOLAfugees: New Orleans news and tongue-in-cheek commentary.

NOLA Palestine Solidarity: A diverse group of people from Greater New Orleans working for a just peace in Palestine.

The Nose Knows: New Orleans zine that comes out once a week about whatever the hell they feel like it should be about that week.

One Eye Records: New Orleans DIY hardcore record label.

Patron Saint Productions: A publishing consultancy specializing in online marketing strategy, campaigns, and training that seeks to honor those who have made lasting contributions to the book publishing profession, and to teach and learn from those who have taken up the vocation.

Pelican Publishing: Travel guides, art and architecture books, Christmas stories, local and international
cookbooks, motivational and inspirational works, and children's books, as well as a growing number
of social commentary, history, and fiction titles.

The Portrait-Story Project: Self-published collection of drawn portraits and hand-written stories of New Orleanians post-Katrina.

Press Street Books: Publishers of the recent graphic novel Revacuation, by Brad Benischek, and Intersection New Orleans, and organizers of the New Orleans Draw-a-thon.

Profane Existence: Long-running punk/anarchist/DIY magazine from Minneapolis, MN.

Promethean Books: Publishers of How to Burn Down the House: The Infamous Waiter and Bartender's Scam Bible.

Robert Taylor: Author of Stingy Jack and The Return of Sun Tzu.

Semiotext(e): Publishers of philisophically, socially, and culturally relevant as well as historically significant works from authors such as Mumia Abu Jamal, Baudrillard, William Borroughs, Assata Shakur, Lyotard, and more.

Soft Skull Press: "One of the most visable and respected alternative houses in the US...like Grove Press
in the 1950's and 1960's." -- Quill & Quire

Trembling Pillow Press: Publishers of the biannual poetry and art Journal, YAWP: A Journal of Poetry and Art, edited by Dave Brinks, a quarterly poetry magazine, Solid Quarter, edited by Megan Burns, as well as various broadsides and chapbooks by local and national poets.

Ugly Duckling Presse: Hand-bound books of poetry from Brooklyn, NY.

Voodoo Maverick Publishing: Publishers of the comic book Mathilda.

Wells Communications: Books and dvds by ross wells, author of eXploZions!


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